Wood and Soda Fired Pottery

Fresh Pots

The next few days after a firing are always an interesting period of reflection…it seemed to have gone well but one never wants to let expectations soar too high.  It seemed Firing #11 went well, 23 hours is about right and most of the cones were down where I wanted them down.  Unloading proved that it was a pretty good one, very low loss rate and a number of nice hot pots screaming of ash and soda.

Most of the pots are sanded and washed and packed and ready for the show this weekend.  Come on by and say hello if you’re in Hickory, NC this Saturday at the show.  Here are a few more sneak peak pictures just in case you can’t make it.

Also, I got a look into the second round of the little test soda kiln…you remember the little converted electric kiln I threatened to blog about.  Round one was only moderately successful but after a few changes round two showed real improvement.  The color from the reduction was good throughout as was the level of soda, and temperature too.  Nice to see the changes and second try make for a good improvement.  But got to head out for the big show so that’s all for now…

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