Wood and Soda Fired Pottery

Another Mickey Kiln

Back from a week long excursion with Captain Conepack to build another Shane Mickey kiln. I’ve worked with Shane for the past few years, helping him build kilns in I think three states now. I’ve learned a lot from him about design theory and the practicalities of building kilns, and we tend to ramble on endlessly about minute kiln design tidbits and firing theory. Shane likes to work hard and fast, but he is also always good for a laugh.

I snapped a few pictures of the kiln as it went up. This one was a catenary arch wood kiln, built for a great guy up in Culpepper, VA. It has a generous firebox and stacking chamber and of course the “Mickey” flanged door which I’ve adopted for my kiln as well. We finished up in about six days, but the initial firing is a few months away yet.

Back at home, I found all of my irons still in all of the fires, which is to say that all of the different that’s are still lined up and awaiting their turn. In the meantime, back to the studio to get making pottery again, and back over to Joy Tanner Pottery for a round two firing of the little converted electric soda kiln. The test firing gave us good directions to head in to improve the results, so we made a few changes and had at it again. We’ll find out soon if we moved far enough in the right direction!

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