Wood and Soda Fired Pottery

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Back To Work

The last week has seen the first pots of the next firing cycle.  Some times it seems odd how much time is spent not in the studio when one is supposedly a studio potter.  Aside from all of the general day to day duties, the stacking  and moving of wood to heat the house, etc., there is always something else to be done.  Usually on the computer it seems.  Just when you think you may never get started making pots, you get enough things crossed off  of the list that it seems safe to venture into the studio.  You remember that you enjoy being in there creating endless boards of pots even if they have no particular destination at that moment.  You wonder why you procrastinated beginning, and does anyone else out there do the same thing?  And then you check into the blogosphere and realize that sometimes an assignment is useful, and yes we potters do have some sort of  instinct to procrastinate the very thing we enjoy the most.  Strange creatures, but at least I know I’m not the only one.

Lucky for me, I had made it into the studio a day or two before the Michael Kline Challenge otherwise I may not have finished my assignment.  I had already made a board of small bowls, trimmed and slipped them, so I was ready to make another.

Now it’s onto other familiar forms and a few new ones too.  And not a day too soon, somehow February is moving right along and March is filling up already.  Just as the show at Claymakers is coming down  I’ll be teaching a one-day demonstration workshop with Joy Tanner at their studio in Durham, NC.  It will be a great chance to see two different approaches to forming and altering pots, with two potters dedicated to the soda firing process.  More details to come, but the workshop is scheduled for Saturday, March 13th, 10-5pm.

Later in March I’ll begin co-teaching a 9 week class that meets once a week class with Linda McFarling focused on making pots for salt and soda at the Odyssey Center, in Asheville, NC.  Teaching again down at my old stomping grounds and with one of my clay mentors too.  Should be a good time.

Better get busy making that kiln load of pots to fire by then.

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