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Workshop March 13, 2010

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As promised, here are the details about the upcoming one-day workshop.  It will be at Claymakers in Durham, NC Saturday March 13th 2010 from 10-5 pm.

The cost is $70 for the day, which will include demonstrations and discussions by Joy Tanner and myself.  That’s two for the price of one.

Below you will find a full description of the workshop, and the information for Claymakers if you would like to sign up.  And be sure to check out their website to see the other workshops lined up for this spring.

Feel free to contact me if you would like  to discuss a demonstration or soda firing workshop somewhere in your town.


705 Foster Street

Durham, NC 27701
Phone: 919-530-8355
Email: info@claymakers.com

Web: www.claymakers.com

Making A Mark: Thrown and Altered Forms

Join us for this one day demonstration workshop as two potters from the Asheville area of Western North Carolina share their different approaches to creating and altering wheel-thrown functional forms.  William Baker and Joy Tanner, both potters from the mountains of Bakersville, create distinct forms destined for a soda kiln.

William works mainly on the wheel to create strong forms with accentuated edges, often altering these wheel-thrown pieces both on the wheel and off to further enhance the crisp surfaces and lines.  His work is fired in a wood burning soda kiln, where the surfaces are enhanced by the flame, ash and soda vapors enveloping the pottery.  Demonstrations will include basic wheel thrown forms and techniques as well as altering on the wheel and off for squared pots and refined lines.  Discussion topics will also include considerations for firing in a wood /soda atmosphere.

Joy Tanner creates functional and decorative wheel-thrown forms with patterns and textures inspired from her observations in nature.  By altering and impressing freshly thrown forms, carving in the leather hard stage, and decorating with glaze accents, Joy creates balanced compositions using the interplay of line, texture, depth, and tone.    Combining deep textures and high ridges, soft flashes of warm color from the soda firing and inviting pools of glaze, Joy’s work exhibits wonderfully balanced contrasts. Demonstrations will include altering fresh pots on the wheel, as well as impressing and carving textures into wheel thrown pots. Discussion topics will include ideas for adding texture to your work, as well as considerations for decorating with slips and glazes for the soda kiln.

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    I wish I could attend the workshop–sounds like a great day