Wood and Soda Fired Pottery

A Little Help

I was invited by my old pal Drew Nicklas to be part of an exhibit at Pottery Northwest in Seattle entitled “Four By Four”.  The theme of the show was some of the current resident artists there at the arts center inviting some of their friends and mentors to send pieces and create a diverse group of work.   I tried to get him to tell me if I qualified as a friend or a mentor, but I never really got a definitive answer on that.

Drew and I go way back to the very beginning of my little adventure in clay, to our undergraduate days when we spent many hours in the ceramics building and the kiln yard even though neither of us was an art major.  Who would have known that both of us would end up taking a potter’s path?  We soon went in different directions, I from the West Coast to the East in search of better clay, and he on to another non-art degree and then to a MFA in ceramics. It has been nice to stay in touch over the years, and funny enough, after all that we both found our way to wood firing.

So here’s to another well-spoken wood firer out there.  And here’s to good friends and good mentors.  I’ve learned a lot from a lot of folks over the years.  Some people pass by quickly and utter a brief little phrase that you can never forget.  Some people let you fire their kiln, their soda kiln no less, when you really need one.  Whether it’s an honest appraisal of your latest work or bit of encouragement or a little help getting the kiln to finish off in the wee hours, I appreciate all the help I’m gotten along the way.

The exhibit will be up for the rest of the month, and there is an opening reception tonight. [March 6, 2010] I can’t make it as it is in Seattle and I am not…but if you stop by tell ‘em I send my best.

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