Wood and Soda Fired Pottery

Catching Up

What a busy Spring it has been…and here it is well into Summer already.  It’s going to stay busy for a while but I’ll try to keep you posted.

Last post I had a few pictures from the firing we finshed just before I headed off to the Artisphere Festival.  Currently the kiln is cooling again as Joy and I finally were able to get the planned second firing finished.

The Artisphere Festival, by the way, was a good one.  I made enough sales to call it a moderate financial success, but it was all around a positive experience.  The folks who put on that show really know how to treat the artists well, they raise the bar for all other craft shows.  They even provided entertainers for those of us standing around in our booths all weekend.  From now on, when applying to craft shows I will check to make sure they have a roving dixieland Jazz Band and perhaps even a small troupe of acrobats.

Next up on the list:

  • well this weekend is the TRAC Studio Tour of course.
  • I’ll soon be sending off some work to a great new online gallery
  • tomorrow I’ll start moving my studio down the road a piece where I’ll be starting a new phase and also unload the firing which just may prove to be the last firing in the little wood kiln on Roan Mountain.Perhaps I’ll try to explain a little more about that last one.

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