Wood and Soda Fired Pottery

Back In the Studio

Another month come and gone.  Not too much time in the studio in the last month, but lots of other exciting developments.  Went on a great hiking and camping trip in Maine, and another kiln building adventure with Captain Conepack  himself down to the Seagrove area of NC.  There are more kiln building activities developing for the very near future, but we’ll leave that for another post.

For now it’s back to work in the studio where Joy and I are planning to fire the wood kiln again in about a month.  The gears are slowing getting up to cruising speed, but we have the success of the first firing pushing us on.  And some fall shows too.

Speaking of shows, just before I left town a few weeks a ago, I sent a box of plates to the Schaller Gallery in Montana for “Plate-tastic” an online show of plates.  As of today most of my plates have been scooped up, but there are still two lunch plates available.  Rush on over to the website and scroll through plate after plate after plate.  Mine are the ones with the seashell marks that look wood fired.

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