Wood and Soda Fired Pottery

From One Kiln to Another


I’ve been hiding in a cave for the last week…at least that what is feels like.  In reality the cave was Kyle Carpenter’s kiln shed and rather than hiding of course I was building a new cross draft salt kiln for him.  Things are moving along well and Kyle can’t wait to fire it up a time or two as soon as I’m done.  Yesterday was arch day and by the afternoon a big sigh of relief went up and I moved on to building the door.  Today and tomorrow I get a day “off” from the build so that Joy and I can load up the methane kiln at the EnergyXchange to do a bisque firing for our impending wood fire.  Then it’s back down to Asheville to finish up the chimney so Kyle can get it started.

Here’s a little snapshot from a few days ago of the layout of the exit flues, flanged door jamb, etc. before the exit flues got covered over.

One Response to “From One Kiln to Another”

  1. Julie Olson says:

    Will, our salt kiln bit the dust. Last firing really sucked. So we are in the planning stages of building a reduction kiln right behind the studio. I’m tired of hauling pots all the way down to the back of the property.

    Good to see that you are keeping busy.