Wood and Soda Fired Pottery

Spring 2012

There a re not many things more wonderful than Spring in the mountains.  I love seeing the first hints of color coming back onto the trees after staring at the same old bare branches for so long.  The Fall colors get all the glory, but the and even though the Spring ones are more subtle they are full of potential for the coming months.

Although we had a temperate winter in these parts, there has been no rest for the weary in months and it seems so to believe we are already on the downhill side of March.  Too many things to catch up on since the last update here…so I’ll sum it up with a few pictures and even fewer words. Lots of bricks moved, some pots made, getting ready for another go with the wood kiln in just a few days.

I hope to make more frequent updates in the coming months over at the William Baker Pottery Facebook page.

Lots of exciting news coming in the next few months…an exciting new gallery forming in the area, a few exhibitions that I am a part of which open in the next few weeks, and hopefully an answer to the age old question “can you drink a Mint Julep from a Yunomi?”

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